The New Mirage Academy

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The  New Mirage Academy in association with the GoodSAMARitan Press, the New Mirage Quarterly and the the Isles of Myst review present awards and provide recognition to outstanding poets.

All poets and supporters are welcome to provide reviews and comments on all poets published in the New Mirage Quarterly and the Isles of Myst review.  Reviews and comments are included in our pages.  They form a  basis for our awards.

Prizes and awards include --

The New Mirage Award

The Isles of Myst Award

The Danylak Foundation Award

The GoodSAMARitan Award

Certificates of High Merit for Poetry

Election to the New Mirage Academy


The poetry published by members of the New Mirage Group East and poets published in the NMQ and the IMRev are  considered for awards.   

 Our readers are welcome to post comments on the work of poets associated with the  Mirage Group and our publications.  Comments may be submitted by email to us.

The awards provide recognition for poets published by us.  They are not cash awards.





New Mirage Academy

New Mirage Academy

Members of the New Mirage Academy are recognized for the merit of their poetry and their support.

Joan Kikel Danylak

Jeannene A. Fullen

John Sweet

Robert Agnew

Sheila Jeffers

Samuel Bickford

Peter V Paulus

Lorraine Tolliver





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