New Mirage Quarterly II

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The New Mirage Group

The New Mirage Quarterly

The New Mirage Quarterly is published by the Mirage Group East.  It appears online and in hard copy.

Editor - Jerome Brooke

jeromevbrooke at yahoo  dot  com

Submission is only by email - without attachments.  Submission may be made at any time during the year.      Poets published will be provided with a copy of the joural with thair poem, without charge.  Membership in the Mirage Group is not required. Subscription is  $12.00 for 4 issues.










Submission is by Email only - without attachments.  The heading should include the designation NMQ and the last name of the poet.  The body should state that it is for publication in the NMQ (or the IMRev).   Full standards are available on request by email.

Dreams and Shadows




Submission is by email only - without attachments.

Poetry Ebooks


The New Mirage Quarterly publishes ebooks in our On Demand series.  Each order is limited to nine poems/pages.  The price for each order is $9.00.  Please request the standards by email at  jeromevbrooke  at yahoo dot  com.

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Words, Dreams and Shadows



All submissions should be photo ready.